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. a very sad story. stay with cnn for continuing coverage. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >>> when he came in, i just thought he was some kind of prop. >> first we thought he was part of the movie. >> he let off a canister of gas and it exploded. he shot up in the air and everybody started to panic. >> there's a gunman and he's shooting everyone. >> came down with his gun in my face. >> we have to get out here. >> 71 people were shot. 12 are deceased. >>> i'm john avlon. erin's on assignment in africa tonight. we're going to take you out to the scene with don lemon in a second but first let's get you up to speed. breaking news in aurora, colorado, in that movie theater shooting massacre that went down less than 24 hours ago. the largest mass shooting ever in the united states. it has shate shaken that commund stunned the country. and the world watches. at this very moment. as they've been all day. officers with the bomb squad wearing tactical gear are surrounding what they're calling the booby trapped apartment of the accused gunman. trying not to blow up themselves and
that may have gone into this attack by this suspect. cnn has obtained a receipt of tactical gear that james holmes bought online back on july 2nd. the tactical gear which matches the description of some of the witnesses who described what he was wearing. urban assault dress. triple pistol magazine. m-16 magazine pouch. and a knife, a large knife. all of them colored in black. we do have that receipt. we're trying to get that accessible. it was shipped to his home that the police are now at right now. shows that he's been -- >> full protective gear. as we heard the witnesses say, they couldn't even make out what he looked like. all they could see was how tall he was and his stature. they didn't know what race he was, nothing. he covered key parts of his body. groin area, also his neck area as well. >> right. there's no gas mask on, no headgear on this itemized list, it was for $306. but the fact that it was all ordered and colored in black seems to indicate he was putting together some kind of outfit that would match other things that he might have on his body. >> you're working on more info
to cnn about foreign policy and he can talk to harratz about foreign policy? it doesn't make sense to me. he could put out being overly critical. he would say, look, these are the principles i would take if i were president or something like that. it's kind of a strange thing. without knowing what's in the interview that he gave to the israeli -- why can't he talk to them and not us? >> well, i don't know what's in it. although i would be surprised you're giving an interview to an israeli newspaper you're talking about things like iran or the palestinian issue. what i still don't understand about it. president obama, remember when he went overseas in 2008? he gave that big speech about -- and it was, you know, the thing that he's best at, right, giving an inspirational speech, and here's what he said about foreign policy on the trip he took while running for president. >> this is the moment we must help answer the call for a new dawn in the middle east. my country must stand with yours and with europe in sending a direct message to iran, that it must abandon its nuclear ambitions. we mus
. >> you represent a hotly contested swing district. i want to read new poll numbers to you from cnn. when asked who would better handle health care, 51% of registered voters say obama, and 44% say romney. but more importantly, 65% of non-white voters would like to keep all the provisions in place. do these numbers concern you as a representative from a swing district? >> they don't, john, in the sense that i espouse the goals of the 2010 law. they're the right goals. every american should have good, affordable health care. and affordable health care insurance. that's not in question. but that law is a bad law. bluntly it imposes $2 trillion worth of bureaucracy that takes resources directly away from care. so there are smarter and better ways to achieve those goals. that's what i'm for. >> let's talk about that. you're a doctor. you have unique insight through your medical practice into the way medicine really works. >> right. >> and mitt romney and his advisers have said they do support certain popular provisions, keeping kids on their parents' insurance till the age of 26, making it not
out of danger. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >>> that's it for us. thanks very much for watching. thank you. "erin burnett outfront" starts "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> "outfron>>> "outfront" republicans are rolling out ther thep thetheir att. thp they say they hathey repeal and then replace. but does it add up. >>> a texas grad student mauled at the jane goodall institute. what went wrong? >>> and one man trying to rewrite the constitution. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening. i'm john avlon in for erin burnett tonight. "outfront" tonight, republicans in a corner over health care. the supreme court battle may be over. but has the political and policy war just begun? the house of representatives has already scheduled a vote to repeal health care reform next week. and senate republicans have pledged to repeal it if they take back the senate this fall. the conservative base is firmly aligned against the health care law. mitt romney is campaigning on a pledge to repeal and replace. just look at the sign on his podium. over the weeken
thankfully he's not dead, but "wow" is a victim of overkill. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> wow! >> took the word right out of my mouth. >> thanks for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >>> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon in aurora, colorado, in for erin burnett tonight who is on assignment in africa. "outfront" tonight, our first glimpse of a suspected mass murderer, james holmes. the man suspected of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in a packed movie theater on friday appeared in court today, with bright red hair and dramatic facial expressions, he looked like he was out of it at times. he looked blankly up and down and staring into space at times. and it looked like a man who was out of it. for the first time, we're hearing about this neuroscience student. we're about to hear his voice for the first time. this is holmes speaking at a science camp in san diego from 2006. he's 18 years old in this video obtained by abc news. and here he talks about a shared interest with a mentor. >> he also studied subject ift experience, which is what take place inside
front strategy, jim acosta pushed him on issue of tax returns here on cnn. i wanted to play what jim got him to say. >> i've already put out one year of tax returns. we'll put out the next year of tax returns as soon as the accountants have that ready. and that's what we're going to put out. i know that there will always be calls for more. we're putting out what is required, plus more that is not required. those are the two years that people are going to have. that's all that's necessary for people to understand something about my finances. >> okay. made it very clear you're only getting two years. by the way, i, everybody, have the tax returns. everything that we have. it is a big stack. but how many months does it take? the guy's running for president. it's been three months after tax day. where are they? >> also, there's a precedent actually set by his father of 12 years of tax returns to really put it all out there. kill people with kindness. put it all out there. rather than dragging the feet, two years, and it makes it look like you're hiding something. >> it's an endless mystery i
and implementing his plan, over the last two months, june and july, is when he bought the guns. on july 2nd, cnn has obtained this receipt to buy tactical gear from an outfit in missouri. it included an urban assault best, a triple pistol magazine, a magazine pouch and a knife. all of them specified ordered in black and all of them ordered second-day air. >> i'm just looking at the fire power. 3,000 rounds. it's unbelievable. is there anything on this guy which would explain why he did this? >> well, we've been covering all the usual suspects, the courts, any kind of court cases, arrest records, girlfriends who would post something online, if if he would post something online. we've been down this road, we've seen the youtube videos that are posted. we've seen none of this. all we're getting is that he was a pretty good, smart student. >> it happened on opening night. do we know if he planned all along to have this happen on opening night? >> we learned from ray kelly, the police commissioner of new york that his hair was dyed red and the guy called himself the joker and obviously there's some c
it could be months before they decide whether to seek the death penalty. cnn's ed lavandera joins me now. ed, it's very interesting to see him in court with that bright red hair, almost looking like someone who was possibly medicated or hadn't slept a lot. paint us a picture for what it was like to get a glimpse of holmes today. >> rorter: it was tough, i would imagine, for the many people who were intently watching this. he appeared as some sort of comic book character emerging in that courtroom. but i think after everyone got over the shock of seeing the red hair, the attention really turned to his demeanor. and i think people were just stunned by his complete dazed look, bewilderment at times, confused. he appeared sedated and completely out of it in many ways. it's led to a lot of speculation throughout the day that he might have been medically sedated by authorities here in the jail in arapahoe county. we've reached out to the sheriff's office in charge of that jail. they say they cannot tell us whether or not he's been medically sedated or given anything. the speculation will have
. a source who viewed the video from inside the apartment tells cnn it contained more than 30 home made green mads and ten gallons of gasoline meant to harm or kill anyone who entered. cnn's ed lavandera is "outfront" in aurora, colorado. ed? >> reporter: hi, john. we learned today that the judge in this case who is overseeing the criminal part of james holmes' criminal case has it moves forward, he did allow cameras in the courtroom as we documented and you saw yesterday for his initial hearing. but that judge has now made the decision the next time james holmes appears in a courtroom here in colorado, the cameras will not be allowed inside. and that hearing is scheduled for next monday. and as you mentioned, john, that's when prosecutors will begin laying out the criminal charges against james holmes. >> what more have you learned about the explosives in the holmes apartment? >> reporter: you know, investigators have been describing it as a sophisticated set-up that james holmes created inside the 800 square foot apartment where he was going to school. but law enforcement tells cnn there wa
the importance of ohio. take a look at the current cnn electoral map. in this scenario, obama seems likely to start with 247 electoral votes. romney expected to get 206. 85 are a toss-up. but suddenly ooeb's been five electoral votes of winning. roland, there's a reason obama has made eight trips to ohio so far this year. romney's made ten. what do you think president obama needs to do to win over the main street middle class voters in the buckeye state? >> actually if you go back to 2009, the two states he was immediately going to were ohio as well as north carolina. and when governor strickland lost, that was a big blow to democrats. clearly what he has to do is make the point that although it is a slow recovery, had the actions not been taken, we would not be in the situation here in with private equity sector job growth. it's still going to be a difficult sell. but he has to say, look, there's progress, do you want to change midstream? that's why he's making the argument, go back to the previous policies, how did that work out when we were losing 500,000-600,000 jobs a month? >> mark,
. >> reporter: suzanne kelly, cnn, aspen, colorado. >>> erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >>> "outfront" next, breaking news on the suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre and his mental state. plus, a possible mass shooting plot foiled. a maryland man in custody tonight who police say had an arsenal of weapons who also called himself a joker. and is the next fukushima disaster waiting to happen along the california coast? let's go "outfront." -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. we have breaking news on colorado's shooting suspect james holmes. cnn has learned holmes was seeing a university of colorado psychiatrist before the attack last friday, which left 12 dead and 58 wounded. the new information is coming to light now because lawyers for holmes are asking authorities to hand over a package that holmes had sent to his psychiatrist. this package was discovered in the university's medical campus mailroom on monday. and it included a letter that contained references to shooting people and drawings of a gunman and his victims. accord
rare interview with admiral william mcraven. tomorrow, 4:00 p.m. eastern, only on cnn. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >>> "outfront" next, playing chicken with the fiscal cliff. today, the senate hit the gas and headed towards the edge. >>> and u.s. and russia at odds over whether officials have the right to confront some americans in their own homes. >>> new details are coming about the young man who police say shot and killed 12 people inside a colorado movie theater. >>> plus, one of the victims who was shot three times has just been released from the hospital and he's "outfront" tonight. >>> i'm john avlon in for erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, playing chicken with the fiscal cliff. today the senate appeared to take action on extending the bush era tax cuts. appeared being the keyword. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell announced he would not filibuster the measure. instead he allowed a straight up-or-down majority wins vote. the republican plan, extend the tax cuts for everyone. and pre
, cnn, new york. >> we can't say anything. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, al qaeda rising. i'm live from a refugee camp miles from the border of northern maly. more than a quarter million refugees have fled the country, more than twice as many as syria. they're flegel indicated linked extremists. here here is leon panetta shortly after the killing of osama bin laden. >> we're in reach of defeating al qaeda. i think we had them on the run. i think now is the moment. >> reporter: but here on the frontier of northern mally, al qaeda and other extremists are getti getting strength. and the fear is this could become a new safe haven for terrorists. we have heard horrible stories about what is happening and you're going to hear them. but sharia law is the rule. today i called the military leader for an czar al din, the main islamic radical group linked to al qaeda here. we wanted to tell you their side of the story, but here's what happened. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: yes, this is omar. hello? >> hello. >>
. right now, cnn, we have pennsylvania leaning obama. but is this a real problem for the obama campaign? >> this is a problem. but i must have the the worst timing. where's erin? >> i'm sorry to disappoint you. >> back to serious. this is a really big problem. as the attorney general said recently, this is almost like a poll tax because for many people who do not have photo id, who have to go in and register for photo id, get their driver's license or get their birth certificate, it's going to cost them money to get those documents before they go in to see the secretary of state. that's going to cause people a problem. if you're a poor or elderly person who doesn't have your document, this could be a huge impediment to you showing up and voting. >> it could potentially. we had a heated discussion featuring a member of the gop leadership in pennsylvania making a claim in front of cameras about the impact of this voter id law. let's have a quick listen. >> voter id, which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. [ applause ] >> so this on-camera statement
he can kiss. jeanne moos, cnn. >> reporter: new york. >> nothing else to say. let's leave it alone. erin burnett, "outfront," starts right now. >>> "outfront" next, fed chair ben bernanke made two things clear today. the economy is in bad shape, but he is not going to throw more money at the problem. yet. >>> america can america get off its addiction to ben. >>> and mitt romney standing his ground refuse to go release more taxes, calls reach a deafening pitch. today he gave another reason why he shouldn't have to. >>> and an exclusive investigation into the risks of off-shore drilling. we went outfront to the arctic. shell has a plan to prevent the disaster like the one that happened to bp and the deepwater horizon. does it add up? let's go "outfront." ♪ >>> "outfront" tonight, ben bernanke says no to the addicts. addicts that are desperate for another hit of the fed's drugs. today in hearings on capitol hill, america's top banker, the chief of the federal reserve, got more negative on the state of the u.s. economy. >> given that growth is projected to be not much above the rate
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 108 (some duplicates have been removed)